TELLO Islands

The Batu Islands, commonly known as the Tello Islands, are made up of three large main islands and other smaller islands making a total of 101 islands (many of them still inhabited), located right on the equator at latitude zero degrees. They are situated between Nias Island (around 100km distant to the southeast from the coast of Nias) and the Mentawai Islands, strategically placed in a region that has become very well known for surfing in the last decade.

Tellos are part of the South Nias Subdistrict, with its administration center being "Teluk Dalam". The predominant religion is Protestant Christian (around 80%) with the remainder being Muslim or Catholic.


This place can be reached mainly by these options:
  • By Plane: Lasondre airport in Tello Islands is located in the island of Tanah Masa. Direct flight can be chartered from Padang (50min), Sibolga or Nias Island (Gunung Sitoli Airport) with Susi Airlines (small planes up to 8 people). From Lasondre Airport to main Telo Island is a short ride by local public boat transfer or by private fast boat.
  • By Boat: There is public local boat from Teluk Dalam in South Nias to Tello Islands (can also be chartered) that takes around 5-6 hours) and reaches the port of Telo main island where the main town is located.


Accommodation in Tello Islands is quite limited at the moment. In the main Island of Telo there is a couple of Hostels and basic Guest Houses. There is a few basic Guest Houses and Bungalows in the surrounding Islands as well as an increasing number of foreign-owned up standard Surf Resorts.

Waterfront Guest House located close to the harbour in the main Telo Island. There are a few basic but clean rooms with shared bathroom.

New Hostel built in main Telo Island, rooms available with fan or AC, and with shared or private bathroom.

Basic bungalows right in the beach in the beautiful Sibaranun Island. You may check also "Sibaranun Inn Telo Island Facebook Page" here.

Basic bungalows and Surf House right on the beach in the amazing Sibaranun Island. You may check also Sibaranun Inn Surf House Facebook Page here.


The popular shop/restaurant "SETIA" is located in Jalan Raya Sitipu No.31 in the main Telo Island, here you can order your meals in advanced, don´t miss out the delicious fish and seafood.



There are many activities and places to visit in Telo Islands! You can explore many of the 101 islands by boat, some of them are inhabited, visit Sivika Island, Balogia Village....There are amazing places for snorkeling, and surfing is possible in Sibaranun Island and other hidden spots...You may spend the whole day exploring the main Island of Telo by motorbike (it takes less than 2 hours to travel all around it) and visit the traditional villages, the caves, the beaches and mingle with the very friendly local people.