ASU Island

Asu Island is located in the west coast of Nias Island, around 16km distant from the coastline. It is part of the group of Islands knows as Hinako Islands.


You can reach Asu Island by first going to Sirombu by car (2.5 hours trip from Sorake Beach in the south of Nias or from Gunung Sitoli in the North of Nias) and then take a private boat to Asu Island (less than 1 hour trip). There is a public boat that goes to Asu Island but first it stops in the other islands so it may take longer time.


Basic but very comfortable bungalows right in the beach, sea front views, meals available, private boat also available for transportation from/to Sirombu or for surfing/snorkeling trips. The manager is the friendly Mama Silvi, you may contact here via her Facebook Page.


Asu Island is an small island, but there are many activities to enjoy like swimming in blue water, surfing, trekking around the island, fishing, snorkeling, or just relaxing under the sun while you enjoy your fresh coconut drink.